I am Komuramma from Mekalagattu village. I am a patient of leprosy. Poverty prevented me from taking any treatment and my face became ugly. Subsequently my hands and legs lost sensitivity. Neighbours and relatives abandoned me and said abusive language on seeing me. Many a time I thought of committing suicide. At that juncture DCT volunteers came to me and comforted me. They have started giving me monthly ration and medicines regularly for the last 5 years. Now I regained my hope to live a happy life with dignity.

I am Mallaiah, aged 75 years. I was almost crippled due to rheumatic disease and poverty. Learning about my pitiable plight, DCT volunteers came to my village and took me to Seva Sadan. Now I am an inmate of Home For the Aged. I get nutritious food, medical attention etc. I have regained strength and happily living.
My name is Yosebu, 70 years old from Narimetta village. I have been suffering from Leprosy and Diabetees. Owing to poverty, I was unable to get treatment or medicines. And I was in great distress. The monthly medical camp conducted at Seva Sadan, Narimetta by DCT has become a boon to me . We get free medical care and medicines for a month.

I am Raju, a polio affected boy studying in 4th class. I thought of quitting school as my mother expired leaving me supportless. I was not able to stand or walk to school. My father was not interested in my schooling. At that time the DCT people got information about me through villagers. They enabled me to continue schooling by providing a tricycle. Now I am going to school on the tricycle regularly without anyone's support.

I am Kumar studying Intermediate 2nd year. While I was studying in 6th Class, I lost my mother. Three months later my father also expired leaving me an Orphan. My relatives looked after me initially but after 2 – 3 months started neglecting me. I was forced to be on streets as no one cared for me. At that juncture DCT members came to my village and took me as an inmate of their Home for the Orphan children. After that my life changed completely. At the Orphanage love and care I experienced immensely. I now feel that I am living in the Orphanage with family members. On completion of studies I wish to be a teacher for the service of the children of the Orphanage.
I am Kishore, deaf and dumb since birth. Being a coolie, my mother never thought of sending me to school. The DCT people are serving breakfast to the poor children in our slum, counseling the parents about the importance of children's education and encouraging children to go to school. Thank God, my mother is now sending me to school regularly.
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