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Home for the Orphan Children
We take over responsibilities of Orphaned Boys, where both parents have deceased, or children belonging to extremely poor parents, and hostel these boys in our Sadan Building. read more
Home for the Aged
We find that there are some feeble old who in spite of our giving Ration supplies, are unable to cook for themselves. read more
Feed the Hungry Children
As part of the women empowerment, widows and poor women in the rural areas are imparted free training in tailoring. This programme helps them to make a livelyhood by stitching the cloths in the villages.
Medical Aid to the Poor
This is held on each second Saturday within our Sadan premises, with a very kind and personal service offered by Dr. Inna Reddy from Jangaon, and Fr. Xavier of St. Anthony’s Leprosy Centre, Jogipet. read more
Monthly ration for Widows
We supply monthly sustenance rations to over 120 Aged widows with no supporting family, lest they become beggars and burden to society. read more
Divine Blind Musicians
Divine Charitable Trust Trains visually challenged people in music and singing. This enables them to exihibt there talent through musical concerts in institutions across different states in India. The trust support there education and provides financial assistance to meet the basic necessities of life.
Mother Teresa - Inspiration
Service to the poor and needy children is service to God.
I Wish Divine Charitable Trust all Success in its endeavors.
... by Mrs. Jayasudha
Ex. Hon'ble Member of Legislative Assembly.
I have learned that Divine Charitable Trust has its humble begining and grown up to preset stature witha main purpose of reaching out tothe destitutes and orphan children. It is worth to note that it is truly witnessing to the love of Christ through its social service. I appreciate your commitment to service of God and neighbor.
... by Thumma Bala
Arch Bishop of Hyderabad.
It is my previlege and an opportunity given to me to offer my services for the poorest of the poor and aged patients at the Medical Camp on every month in Seva Sadan.
... by Dr. Inna Reddy
Madhavi Nursing Home, Jangaom.
Personally I am inspired by your commitment to look after these people. The time you spend for this services and the sacrifices you make personally to run all your service activities speak volumes of your sincere Christian faith.
... by Fr. M. Xavier SVD
Bhongir, Yadadri Dt.
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